Forge Press Services

750 ton Lake Erie Forge Press

Open die forge press, with three material handling manipulators is located in the center of our Tipton facility. Forging allows for a wide array of mechanical properties. From annealed, precipitation hardened condition, to cold reduced, and the hot worked-as worked conditions.


Input Size

10" max. diameter . One of three manipulators can start the process. A small 400 lb. capacity Positech can hold pieces as large as 8" Diameter, and as small as 2" Dia. The ability to use small input stock can be utilized to yield the most material possible. The 1000 lb., or the 3000 lb. Long Reach mobile units can be used for products from 10" Dia to 2" diameter.
Bar and billet product is typical as input material. We can also accept extruded bar, and work down to produce better grain structure, and density than the extrusion alone offers. Cast products have also successfully been reduced on our equipment, as we closely monitor the process. Variable press rates allow adjustment of the process to fit many materials.

Output Size

While the possibilities are endless, it depends on the material, and what we are starting with. Generally with cast product, at least a 50% reduction will be necessary to start achieving wrought product properties. Extrusions and Billet will need a 10 to 20% reduction, sometimes more with large sizes and complex grades. Most product produced will be 7" Dia through 3" Diameter, or squares about 6" to 2" in cross section.


Forging Specifications

Our Lake Erie press has been updated to include numeric control of cycles, and programs of process cycles. A manual overide allows operator to take control of process while changing parameters as needed. Heat can be closely monitored with an optical pyrometer, to assure the working temperature range is kept within limits.

We are specializing in the production of barstock. Quantities usually less than 2000 Lbs. allow us to produce a single bar or piece of the material and size that our customers require.

Advantages Include:

  • Can process small to medium lots of materials, excellent for prototype, research, and other small quantity requirements.
  • We are capable of producing round, square and rectangular bar, as well as performing upsets and planishing of billets.
  • HPA can move fast to help customers achieve results, and get their material as quick as possible.
  • Convert our customers slow moving inventory items into useful sizes, or lengths.


As with most of our equipment, we are open to conversion, or toll processing, of customers material.


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