Machining and Welding Equipment

Machining is also available at our facility. We offer a wide assortment of processes for rough machining our materials. down to a particular size, and shape. We have dedicated machinists that will do what it takes to help our customers attain that delivery that they need.


Medart #0: Special rolls for straightening high strength bars. 1.5" Dia to 0.25" Dia. Dual drive motors.

Medart #1: 4” to 1.5” Dia capacity.

These straighteners are essential to making a product round and straight.

Centerless Grinder

Cincinnati : 2" Dia to .100" Dia. 36' long bars that have been produced at HPA.

Cincinnati : 2" Dia to .100" Dia. 36' long bars that have been produced at HPA.

Cincinnati: 4” to 1” Dia, and up to 30’ Long bars. Two grinders side by side.

Add that nice finish to the bars you special ordered, or have us grind stock bars to a diameter that is better to start machining from. Our grinding the material saves the shipping (and time needed to ship) to and from an outside centerless grinder.


Lansing T: 60" between centers, 10" Dia, 4" through hole

Heavy duty for those large diameter bars, and machining jobs, good accuracy with simple set-up.


Small production jobs, rough milling an angle, slotting, reduce thickness, and flange drilling for accuracy, good tolerances.

Gorton: 36" x 14" travel
Cincinnati: 24" x 12" travel
XLO: 21" x 10" travel
Moore: set as drill press

Surface Grinders

Mattison: 60" x 12" chuck, 12" max height

Close tolerance small run production, excellent control of long parts with critical tolerance.

Reid: 18" x 6" chuck, 12" high

Very small jobs, with medium tolerance ranges, quick setup allows for very economical production.

Drill Press

Leland-Gifford: Heavy frame 2 HP
Light duty drilling of small quantity jobs due to minimal setup of machine.

Hydraulic Press

Dake: 60 Ton
Bump straightening, and stamping.


Miller: TIG / Arc (250 Amp.)

TIG welding offered for those small fabrication jobs. One application performed was a nuclear waste incineration boat, HPA produced 10 of these carriers.

Miller: MIG

MIG has been added as a quick way to overlay items with Stellite. These hardfacing items can be made with as little as an 1/8 inch of material after finishing, and heavy build ups as thick as 1 inch thick.